Serendipity Tips: Pinterest. A love/hate relationship.

These days everyone is turning to Pinterest for ideas for photo sessions. We appreciate that as it is a great source of inspiration- we do have a few thoughts to share though!

Brides, please feel free to share your boards with us, email us ideas and inspirations. We want to know what your vision is for your wedding day and the images that will document the details of your event. By the time you book with us, you should have a feel for our style of photography, however, we still want to capture images that you are dreaming about.


With this being said, when looking at Pinterest & visualizing your wedding day, please keep things realistic. Pinning images of a bride in a field of flowers when your wedding is in January is not realistic. A wedding party leisurely strolling down the beach, sun shining overhead looks lovely. Unless it’s 97 degrees & unbearable humidity, while the girls are complaining that their heels are sticking in the sand & the guys are melting in their dark suits.  Maybe not realistic.

Photographers often do “stylized shoots” of weddings. They use models, lots of cute props & coordinate the shoot at the perfect time of day for lighting. These stylized shoots may be done to build their portfolio, try out new techniques, or just for fun. They can lead to disappointed brides who will soon realize they don’t have time to do a “campfire scene” complete with s’mores and cocoa on their tightly scheduled wedding day.

Beautiful wedding portraits are a must. We appreciate our couples who hire us because they trust our ability to give them just that. Not because they want us to duplicate their Pinterest board.


Pinterest is a great resource for helping to choose color palettes and wardrobe suggestions for family portrait & kids sessions. You can certainly find an array of adorable ideas for your child’s birthday session or newborn portraits.

Again, keep things realistic.  Don’t expect your child to wear something or do something that will make them uncomfortable.  How many 6 month old babies are really ok with sitting in a hollowed out pumpkin?? Not realistic…



Now, please don’t think we’re Pinterest haters. We pin. I have loads of recipes to try…someday. I have crafts I’ve made. And failed at. We look for inspiration and for laughs, too. We just prefer to keep our style a bit more real. Images that will stand the test of time.  We don’t put babies in awkward, unnatural positions or hang them from branches.  We’ll take a shot of your hands shaped in a heart. If you really want us to. We do like chalkboards. They’re fun. So, go ahead and pin away…just be realistic!

And just in case you needed a visual that Pinterest fails happen to everyone.

Sometimes, kids want to cooperate.


And sometimes, they don’t.