Frank & Stephanie- Notre Dame Engagement Shoot {toledo wedding photography}

We had such a blast shooting Frank and Stephanie’s engagement session on the campus of Notre Dame. Frank is an alumni of Notre Dame, so it was the perfect location for their shoot. They brought along adorable pup Quincy…and we wandered around the campus finding fun spots to photograph at!









Brian & Bailey. {toledo wedding photography}

Our first wedding for 2014 was one that is going to be hard to top- it was a great kickoff for the season. Brian and Bailey are a great couple- it was such a pleasure to celebrate their wedding day with them.















Venue: The Toledo Club

Event Coordinator: Bee for the Day

DJ: Decorative Sounds

Flowers: Hafner Florist

Cake: Cherry Lane Custom Cakes


Scott and Emily. {toledo wedding photography}

Everything about this wedding was pure class. Her dress, his tux, the groom playing the trumpet while his bride walked down the aisle…all of it was perfection. Nazareth Hall’s chapel was packed with their guests, then they all partied the night away with the music of 56 Daze. Such a beautiful evening that we so enjoyed being a part of.

















Serendipity Tips: Pinterest. A love/hate relationship.

These days everyone is turning to Pinterest for ideas for photo sessions. We appreciate that as it is a great source of inspiration- we do have a few thoughts to share though!

Brides, please feel free to share your boards with us, email us ideas and inspirations. We want to know what your vision is for your wedding day and the images that will document the details of your event. By the time you book with us, you should have a feel for our style of photography, however, we still want to capture images that you are dreaming about.


With this being said, when looking at Pinterest & visualizing your wedding day, please keep things realistic. Pinning images of a bride in a field of flowers when your wedding is in January is not realistic. A wedding party leisurely strolling down the beach, sun shining overhead looks lovely. Unless it’s 97 degrees & unbearable humidity, while the girls are complaining that their heels are sticking in the sand & the guys are melting in their dark suits.  Maybe not realistic.

Photographers often do “stylized shoots” of weddings. They use models, lots of cute props & coordinate the shoot at the perfect time of day for lighting. These stylized shoots may be done to build their portfolio, try out new techniques, or just for fun. They can lead to disappointed brides who will soon realize they don’t have time to do a “campfire scene” complete with s’mores and cocoa on their tightly scheduled wedding day.

Beautiful wedding portraits are a must. We appreciate our couples who hire us because they trust our ability to give them just that. Not because they want us to duplicate their Pinterest board.


Pinterest is a great resource for helping to choose color palettes and wardrobe suggestions for family portrait & kids sessions. You can certainly find an array of adorable ideas for your child’s birthday session or newborn portraits.

Again, keep things realistic.  Don’t expect your child to wear something or do something that will make them uncomfortable.  How many 6 month old babies are really ok with sitting in a hollowed out pumpkin?? Not realistic…



Now, please don’t think we’re Pinterest haters. We pin. I have loads of recipes to try…someday. I have crafts I’ve made. And failed at. We look for inspiration and for laughs, too. We just prefer to keep our style a bit more real. Images that will stand the test of time.  We don’t put babies in awkward, unnatural positions or hang them from branches.  We’ll take a shot of your hands shaped in a heart. If you really want us to. We do like chalkboards. They’re fun. So, go ahead and pin away…just be realistic!

And just in case you needed a visual that Pinterest fails happen to everyone.

Sometimes, kids want to cooperate.


And sometimes, they don’t.


Serendipity Tips: Wedding Etiquette {toledo wedding photography}

We’ve almost made it!  Almost to the end of this long, never ending winter!  What that means to us is not barbecues, flip flops & vacations- it means wedding season is right around the corner



Shooting 30 weddings a year, you’d think we’ve “seen it all”.   Yet, somehow, we’re always surprised.  There’s always something that makes us say “whoa…” While we never want to embarrass or offend anyone with a post about wedding day etiquette, we thought we would give some suggestions to anyone planning on attending a wedding this season.  Believe me, we have loads of photos we could insert with this blog post, but being the polite gals we are, we’ll choose not to illustrate this post with actual images.


 ~Be on time. If, by no means possible, can you get to the ceremony before it begins- please do not walk in front of the Bride as she’s entering the church to get to your seat. For real, don’t do that. Stand back. Out of the way. Once she has made her lovely entrance upfront, you (the guest) can quietly sneak in & find a seat.



     ~Babies & kids are sweet. Everyone loves them. They were invited because the bride and groom absolutely love them.  Yep, you know what’s coming. If they are crying, take them out of the church. They won’t care that they miss the homily. You (the guest) may miss the exchange of the rings, but you will be spared everyone glancing over at you wondering when you are going to take your sweet baby/kid to the cry room.


~Don’t wear your bathing suit to the church. Ummm, yes. I did say don’t wear your bathing suit to the church. Even if it’s under a terry cloth cover up, it’s still a swim suit at a church wedding. Yes, we have certainly seen it happen. I know. I know. There’s 4 hours between the ceremony & the reception & it’s a really nice Saturday in June. Slip on a dress…and let your pool hair dry before the big event. When deciding what is appropriate to wear to a wedding, think of what your Mom or Grandma would say. If there’s a chance they would raise their eyebrows at you, it may just not be the best choice.


~Here it is. Now I must touch on the topic of photography.   Pictures.  iPads. Cell phone cameras.   While we understand we are not going to be the only ones taking photos of the big day, we would like to make a plea.  A plea, not a suggestion.

Many people think if they stick their cell phone in the aisle “super quick”,  it won’t interfere with our pictures. Unfortunately, in that super quick moment, the beautiful image of the bride being escorted by her dad now has your hand & cell phone in it.  When you lean out of the aisle to get a shot, you’ve now blocked the bride all together.  Perhaps you’re not only blocking my view, but that of the groom.  I have positioned myself low & out of his way so he can see his bride coming down the aisle.  Now you, Aunt in the bright red dress, leaning out inconspicuously, with your large iPad, are blocking both of us. Not like I can reposition in that 3 seconds I have to capture the most important image they are paying me to get. In all seriousness, this is becoming an occurrence at the majority of weddings we shoot. For the sake of our beautiful couple, let’s leave the cameras in our bags during the ceremony.


     ~We don’t tell guests they cannot shoot while we are shooting the family pictures after the ceremony.  We do ask, nicely, to not interfere if we need to. Interfering would consist of: standing on your tip toes, leaning over my shoulder; asking everyone to hold that while you take one quick shot…”wait it didn’t work”; being distracting so the couple & the families are looking everywhere but at us. Stand back a few aisles & take pics if you must. Your pop up flash will not interfere with our images, but disruptions to our schedule will.


     ~Let them have their moment. Capturing those special moments on the wedding day often means leaving them alone; let the Bride & Groom have some time after the ceremony to themselves (and we’ll capture some sweet smiles), shoot from a distance when dad & his daughter are having their special dance to capture those tears.  Please please do not walk up on the dance floor, with your iPad & holler for them to “look over here”!  I may just embarrass you if you do…



While I could go on & on, I’ll leave it at that.  I’m sure this may sound a bit ridiculous to some, a bit realistic to others (our wedding co-vendors, I can hear you laughing)!  Just remember, be considerate, be a guest & have fun!  (Not too much fun though -that’s another blog post!). Cheers to a wonderful wedding season, full of unforgettable memories and celebration for the couples we love!

Levi and Katie’s wedding day. {toledo wedding photography}

Levi and Katie were a joy to be with on their wedding day! They had a lovely ceremony and reception at Nazareth Hall, followed by an after party at Tres Belle Wine and Martini Lounge in Perrysburg. Their decor was so unique and put together just perfectly, thanks to La Boutique Nostalgie. Such a wonderful couple!